The theoretical principles that guide our Centre philosophy are based on the Humanist and Interactive models of Early Childhood Education.

Interactive Principles
Stimulating Environment
Educator Interaction
Problem -Solving Experiences
Challanging Experiences
Critical Thinking

Humanistic Principles
Mutual Respect
Shared Responsibility

We believe learning is a life long journey. Therefore we will:
- Plan and implement an educational program that reflects our core curriculum and the five key principles that support ‘Belonging, Being and Becoming’ of the children as part of the Early Years Learning Framework
- Provide a curriculum that includes continuation of children’s learning experiences from the previous experiences through reflections, learning stories, individual and group observations, intentional teaching and child / parent input
- Provide portfolio’s and room reflection books that document individual and group learning
- Provide experiences that enhance self-help skills, social skills, problem solving, language, physical awareness and creative expression
- Promote gender equity by encouraging and giving all children the opportunity to actively participate in all areas of the program
- Develop and implement programs for children with individual needs, providing appropriate resources and environmental modifications
- Create an environment in which children feel safe, confident, valued and supported
- Foster children’s uniqueness and ensure that their ideas are valued in their environment, their families and within the broader community
- Encourage children, in collaboration with families and services, to support their first language, while providing a sensitive and nurturing environment in which English can be acquired at the individual child’s pace
- Offer a program that reflects a variety of cultures, celebrations, lifestyle, customs, languages, beliefs and family structure that encourages children to respect diversity
- Provide an educational program that reflects Australian history and culture including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander

Our Educational Program incorporates age appropriate permanent learning areas, such as:
-Music and Movement
-Numeracy and Literacy
-Visual Arts/Studio Space
-Dramatic Play

We believe children learn through exploring a variety of experiences, and through interaction with others in an environment that’s non biased. Therefore we will:
- Provide a challenging environment that encourages resilience to explore and experiment based on individual abilities
- Provide open ended experiences that further encourages creativity and stimulate children’s way of thinking
- Create an environment that encourages children to engage themselves in ‘hands on’ experiences and assists them to achieve their full potential
- Provide experiences that encourages  children to nurture a self awareness and develop expression of their thoughts and feelings
- Provide opportunities in which children feel encouraged and supported in conflict resolution and interaction with others
- Create a positive environment that supports individual children equally and where learning is fun and enjoyable

We believe Early Childhood Educators support and encourage children’s learning through play by:
- Provide opportunities for children to play interrupted during the day
-  Providing a supportive environment that allows for the opportunity for children to complete self tasks
- Bringing their diverse experiences, perspective, expectations, knowledge and skills to their learning
- Acting as a role model and a guide in promoting appropriate positive behaviour
- Creating a healthy and hygienic environment
- Creating a safe and secure environment that stimulates a sense of well being
- Assisting children to build their self esteem by providing opportunities to make choices
- Providing opportunities for the children to practice their skills through repetition and play
- Gathering information from parents and providing feedback regularly
- Interacting with children, during their play, in a positive constructive way
- Having an understanding of the children’s cultural backgrounds to ensure the program meets their individual needs
- Supporting the child’s general well being by providing adequate time for rest and sleep (based on Maslow’s hierarchy of well being)
- Providing an environment that enables the children to rest, relax and to just be
- Providing opportunities where children can develop their independence and life skillsEncouraging opportunities that enhance dispositions such as sense of natural curiosity and wonder about the world

The Centre Management values their employees and supports them in their roles as Early Childhood Educators. Therefore we will:
- Encourage employees to further their professional development and maintain and support their knowledge base and skills
- Provide annual In-service Training
- Ensure sub-groups consist of all levels of early childhood educators who are encouraged to actively participate in open and constructive discussions
- Value open channels of communication, co-operation and mutual respect as a fundamental base for teamwork
- Value and encourage employees to share their life skills and experiences
- Ensure employees are employed under the current award conditions

We believe working in partnership with parents is an important and vital part of children’s life experiences. Therefore we will:
- Understand that time is limited. We encourage parent involvement in line with the Centre’s Parent Participation Program
- Encourage a collaborative approach to parenting practices by providing information to parents to expand their knowledge of early childhood education and parenting techniques
- Be outreaching, resourceful and supportive to the parent community
- Organise guest speaker evenings, based on parent needs and interests
- Hold orientation evenings and parent/staff interviews annually
- Endeavour to develop co-operative working relationships with parents, maintaining regular open and constructive communication and ensuring confidentiality and privacy at all times
- Promote and encourage co-operative team work within the Centre with the Management Committee, parents and employees working together
- Provide an affordable, high quality service which meets the needs of the local community and remains flexible to change
- Encourage parents to actively engage in their children and other children’s  learning
- Invite parents to support and continue their child’s learning journey at home, as they have a clear idea of how their child is developing
- Celebrate children’s achievements in partnership with families